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Thinkific’s powerful, all-in-one platform makes it easy to share your knowledge, grow your audience, and scale the business you already love. Whether you’re educating 10 students or 10 million, feel confident that you’ve got the easiest technology and best support in the business.

3 Courses, Unlimited students, Quizzes & surveys,
Content hosting & Instant access to your funds.

3 Courses, Unlimited students, Quizzes & surveys, Content hosting & Instant access to your funds.

Researching the best online course platform for your business? Searching for alternatives to Teachable?

 You’ve likely come across two of the biggest names in the online course creation space: Thinkific and Teachable – and you’re wondering how we’re different, and which course platform is right for you.

Selecting a platform can be a difficult task to navigate without considering direct comparisons, but there’s no hiding it – Thinkific is often compared to Teachable, the two platforms are not equal, and we want to help you understand the benefits of each platform as you make your decision.

Course Creation

Thinkific vs. Teachable: Detailed Comparison

Teachable and Thinkific both make it easy to create courses online. Both platforms offer unlimited hosting for content like videos, PDFs, and text, and allow you to break up your course content via lessons and chapters or sections/lectures depending on which site you’re on! Now that we have a sense of what’s similar, let’s take a look at how these two platforms differ:

Prerequisites / Content Locking

Thinkific: Prevent students from skipping ahead by setting one or more lessons as prerequisites within your course (prerequisite lessons lock all following content until they’re complete).

Teachable: Feature not offered

Quizzes & Exams

Thinkific: (Advanced) Quizzes can include multimedia, be graded, allow multiple tracked attempts, include explanations of the correct answers, and be drawn from a randomized question bank. You can also upload questions easily. Need even more? Optionally integrate with a 3rd party exam provider, or use our Survey tool to create long-form, teacher-graded style exams for your students.

Teachable: (Limited) Basic quizzes allow short text questions & answers only, with optional grading (one-attempt only). No upload feature.

Slideshows / Presentations

Thinkific: Create voice-over-slide presentations directly within Thinkific by recording audio for each page of your uploaded slide deck.

Teachable: Feature not offered

One-Click Multimedia

Thinkific: Add multimedia content to your course faster with one-step multimedia lessons for content like webinar links, Google docs, appointment booking tools, forms and more without complicated embedding or code. Optionally send data (like student’s email address) to your third-party tools for personalized student experiences.

Teachable: Feature not offered


Thinkific: Survey your students with single-answer, multi-answer, rating, scale, or long-form response questions within your Thinkific school. Perfect for long-form exams, instructor feedback, goal tracking and more.

Teachable: Feature not offered

Host Captivate / Storyline + more

Thinkific: Upload custom multimedia content directly to Thinkific for hosting within your course.

Teachable: Feature not offered

Copy Lessons

Thinkific: New! Duplicate lessons within and between courses. Perfect for content that you create once and have it appear across multiple courses.

Teachable: Feature not offered

Video Library

Thinkific: Manage your video resources in one place, and reuse videos between courses without having to re-upload your files.

Teachable: Feature not offered

Course Templates

Thinkific: Start from a blank page, or choose from 6 custom course templates to speed up course creation and learn from best practices in curriculum and course design.

Teachable: Feature not offered

Market & Sell

Thinkific vs. Teachable: Detailed Comparison

You’ve got a course – now you need students. Marketing and selling are primary tasks of any course creator.


Thinkific: Automatically collect reviews from your students and optionally display them on your landing pages as social proof. Star ratings appear in search listings, increasing organic traffic to your site.

Teachable: Feature not offered

Time Limited Course Access / Course Expiration

Thinkific: Specify how many days a student will have access to your course. You can even offer different access periods for different price points.

Teachable: Feature not offered

Bundles & Memberships

Thinkific: (Advanced) Robust bundles allow you to bundle any combination of courses for your students.

Teachable: (Basic) Can’t bundle a course if it’s already the primary course in another bundle.

Paid Custom Pages

Thinkific: Create custom pages and specify who has access to them – the public, your members, or even sell them with course purchases. Custom pages can be used to seamlessly deliver non-course content, resource libraries, access instructions to your community, booking details for consulting work, and more. Custom pages can also be used to create custom sales funnels to guide your buyers through the funnel you choose.

Teachable: Feature not offered

SEO Sitemaps

Thinkific: Search engine friendly sitemaps are automatically generated and updated to ensure that your Thinkific site is fully search engine ready.

Teachable: Feature not offered

Direct Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, Mixpanel & Aweber Integrations

Thinkific: Directly integrate with more of the most common business tools you’re already using.

Teachable: Feature not offered

Time Limited Free Trials

Thinkific: When you sell courses with recurring billing or as a membership, collect a credit card upfront from students with payment to happen after the trial period (set by days or months).

Teachable: Feature not offered


Thinkific: With a fully customizable site-wide thank-you page, individual course sales and completion pages, and course completion emails you can prompt your students and purchasers to take the next step and purchase your next course, wherever they are in their student journey. Credit cards are automatically stored so upsell purchases are one-click. Individual course-based thank-you pages were released in 2020.

Teachable: Course-specific thank-you pages allow for individualized upsells on each thank-you page, but without completion emails or completion pages you are limited to targetted upsells only upfront (rather than after they’ve experienced the value of completing your first course).

Countdown Timer

Thinkific: One-click addition of a countdown timer to your landing or checkout pages can increase urgency on your offer.

Teachable: Feature not offered


Thinkific: Feature not offered. Our focus is on building the best course sites on the planet! If you’d like a blog, we recommend using a best-in-class blogging tool like WordPress, which can seamlessly integrate with your site.

Teachable: Basic blog functionality included, with limited SEO features (non-standard URLs, no sitemaps).


Thinkific: (Advanced) You can discount anything – any way you’d like – on Thinkific. Create site-wide, single, or multi-course/multi-price coupons either % or $ based. Additionally, create multiple unique codes using the same parameters for advanced discounting. For payment plans and subscriptions, coupons can have a specified duration (for example, take 25% off for 3 months).

Teachable: (Limited) Basic couponing only, with no support for multi-month coupons. Can do a % based site-wide coupon or coupons for a single, specific pricing plan only.

Custom Payment Terms / Pricing Flexibility

Thinkific: (Advanced) Offer one payment, monthly/annual subscriptions, or fixed payment plans. Additionally, set free trial periods (by days or months), specify enrollment duration by price, or set a custom first payment (charge one price for the first month, and a different price for subsequent months).

Teachable: (Basic) Offer one payment, monthly/annual subscriptions, or fixed payment plans only.

WordPress Plugin

Thinkific: Easily turn blog content into course content and insert checkout links directly into your blog content with our WordPress plugin.

Teachable: Feature not offered

Social Logins

Thinkific: Optionally allow students to sign up for your site using their LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google account for speed + ease.

Teachable: Feature not offered

Site Design & Customization

Thinkific vs. Teachable: Detailed Comparison

Site design & customization is one of the areas where Thinkific really shines – and stands out from the crowd! With a full theme library with site and course landing page themes designed entirely around course conversion, you can put your best foot forward with Thinkific.

Custom Site Themes & Course Landing Pages

Thinkific: Choose from a suite of 10 beautiful custom theme presets designed for selling education – then easily make your site your own. Easy. Beautiful. You have complete control.

Teachable: Feature not offered
(one default theme only)

Import & Export Themes
(advanced customization – developer required)

Thinkific: Create, modify, import, and export complete site themes across sites, including assets like fonts or images.

Teachable: No support for themes.
No ability to import/export code.

(advanced customization – developer required)

Thinkific: Full access to theme code with the ability to add layouts, sections, pages, snippets, styles & custom assets.

Teachable: Basic access to existing html/css only, with no ability to create new files or upload assets.

Live Preview

Thinkific: Live previewing of your site changes while building and editing your theme. Only publish changes to your live website when you’re ready, so you’re always in control of what your customers see.

Teachable: Feature not offered.  Live editing of your site only – edits must be published to preview them.

Student Experience

Thinkific vs. Teachable: Detailed Comparison

Here are just a few of the ways that Thinkific and Teachable differ when it comes to student experience:

Course welcome & completion emails

Thinkific: Create custom emails on a course by course basis to welcome students to your site and to the courses they purchase, and to congratulate them upon completion of their course.

Teachable: Feature not offered.

Course Completion Page

Thinkific: Create, modify, import, and export complete site themes across sites, including assets like fonts or images.

Teachable: Feature not offered

Whitelabeled URLs

Thinkific: We’ve all been taught to watch the site URL to ensure we’re on the page we expect – especially when it comes to online payments! Thinkific URLs always show your own URL, providing a seamless experience for your students. For example, checking out on a Thinkific site would show “https://www.myschool.com/users/…” in the address bar.

Teachable: Signup & checkout URLs change to show sso.teachable.com instead of your own site URL, causing confusion and a lack of trust for students. While customers start on your site, before entering their credit card details they are taken to a new page where they see Teachable’s URL – not yours – in their address bar, even if you pay for their whitelabel feature. “https://sso.teachable.com/secure/…”

Mobile Access

Thinkific: Thinkific’s site is designed to be fully mobile responsive, allowing your students to seamlessly transition between desktop and mobile devices with complete access and progress tracking within your course.

Teachable: In addition to mobile responsiveness, Teachable offers a limited iOS only app, which is Teachable branded and doesn’t work with course discussions or embedded content.

Language Translation

Thinkific: Thinkific’s been completely professionally translated into over 30 languages, so you can deliver courses wherever your students are.

Teachable:Teachable exposes some (but not all) of the site language which you would need to manually translate yourself to internationalize your site.

Custom Student Dashboard

Thinkific: Fully customize your signed-in student experience complete with videos, content, and custom pages that only your members can see. Turn your Thinkific site into a full-featured membership portal.

Teachable: Feature not offered.

Teaching & Site Administration

Thinkific vs. Teachable: Detailed Comparison

Both platforms are designed to make it easy to create, market, sell, and manage your courses.
When it comes to administering a growing site, a few points differ:

Group Reporting & Sales

Thinkific: Organize, sell & track customers in groups. Sell to organizations, pull custom reporting, and create time-based cohorts with ease.

Teachable: Feature not offered.

Full User Administration

Thinkific: Users on your site always belong to – and can be fully administered – by you. Update student names and emails as required, including access to assign or reset passwords if needed (students can also do this on their own).

Teachable: Users on your Teachable site belong to Teachable by default. The MyTeachable login requires your students to agree to Teachable terms of service & privacy policy on sign up, and you have no ability to update student names, emails, or passwords if required.

Payment Tracking

Thinkific: With Thinkific, you maintain complete control over your business. Thinkific tracks payments owing and paid out to affiliates and payees, which course creators can then pay directly and log the payments made right in Thinkific. The payee feature on Thinkific allows you to track payments for course authors, and also other people like business partners.

Teachable: For 2% of all your course sales (“BackOffice fee”), Teachable will pay your authors and affiliates for you and collect/remit US tax forms once you hit a certain threshold. Teachable doesn’t have an option to pay business partners on course sales, unless they are also a course author.

User permissions & levels

Thinkific: (Basic) Thinkific offers site owners, course administrators, affiliates & payee user types.

Teachable: (Advanced) Teachable offers the ability to specify user permissions beyond core permission levels, on their $499 plan.

Custom Signup Fields

Thinkific: Request additional data from students on signup

Teachable: Feature not offered

Bookmark Presets

Thinkific: One-click user search bookmarks allow you to see – and contact – your students segmented by specific criteria easily. Encourage those falling behind or reach out to students who dropped out before completing their purchase, or create new bookmarks unique to you.

Teachable: Feature not offered

Security & Support

Thinkific vs. Teachable: Detailed Comparison

Thinkific has a core value of being fanatical about customer success, and we believe our true colors shine through on this. Here are just a few of the ways we show this:

On-Demand Platform Training

Thinkific: Thinkific training courses are included to help every customer succeed at no charge.

Teachable: Pay to Play – Teachable U is only available once you are paying $99/mo.

Support Channels

Thinkific: Phone & Email support for every customer.

Teachable: Email, some chat on select plans. Limited support for free customers.

Additional Support Available

Thinkific: 1v1 onboarding, migration support, launch preparedness calls, and account managers at different plan levels.

Teachable: Feature not offered. No 1v1 or custom support mentioned.

Support Hours

Thinkific: Support is available 7 days a week

Teachable: Monday to Friday only


Thinkific vs. Teachable: Detailed Comparison

No transaction fees. Unlimited students. Risk free. All plans include the #1 support team in online education. With Thinkific you have complete control, and we never take a cut of your revenues. All our plans come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.


Thinkific: Plans ranging from free to $499 (with Plus plans available for high volume businesses)

Teachable: Plans ranging from free to $499 (with a free trial plan capped at 10 students)

Transaction Fees

Thinkific: 0%

Teachable: Up to 10% + $1

Instant Access to your Funds

Thinkific: Payments always go to your own Stripe or PayPal account immediately – there’s never a delay in receiving your funds. Your students pay you directly, not Thinkific.

Teachable: Access to your funds differs based on your payment gateway. In most cases, your students pay Teachable, not you. On Teachable Payments, Teachable holds your funds for as long as 60 days (On the 1st of the month, following a 30 day delay) for PayPal transactions. They additionally hold a 10% rolling holdback for 45 days on Stripe payments.

Support Hours

Thinkific: Support is available 7 days a week

Teachable: Monday to Friday only

No transaction fees.
Unlimited students.
Risk free.

No transaction fees. Unlimited students. Risk free.

Thinkific offers a truly free plan where you can start building your business and selling courses.

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