I believe ConvertBox is the best software for 2019  that really can help you to grow your email list and convert your visitors to customers. 

ConvertBox is a fantastic tool that at the moment is running with a lifetime deal and personally, I believe is one the best as it can really turn your website into a lead generation machine.  The lifetime licence includes 10 websites but there is an upselling for an agency upgrade with unlimited websites.


Why ConvertBox is so a powerful tool to generate leads?

  • ConvertBox has two-step calls-to-action, where you can hook the visitor with a small pre-framing message or video before showing the main call to call.
  • With ConvertBox you can create an urgency with a the countdown timers, inside your call to action. And also the good thing you can schedule the promotion or put a deadline or put anytime really.
  • With Convertbox you can segment the visitors with intelligent sequences, showing your visitors multiple choice and multiple step sequences so you can easily segment, tag and deliver highly personalized offers specific to the visitors interests.
  • With Converbox  you can increase engagement by personally identifying the visitors, addressing them with their name or by another text.
  • With ConvertBox you can create different campaigns goals to manage the visitors journey, guiding them from new visitors to qualified leads and to customers.

ConvertBox gives you the flexibility to easily create any type of call-to-action from discreet slide-in notifications to a full page takeovers, all in just a few clicks, with the side box, notification bar, modal box, full page and a been a welcome mat or abandonment trigger or an on-click trigger. 


Here some powerful behaviour targeting rules, that you can combine multiple rules to target anyone at anytime on any of your website pages.  

And the good things that Converbox can be integrated with many marketing tools like autoresponders, page builders, and come with a WordPress Plugin and with the integration with Zapier. 

Also, you can see in real time what’s happening across all your sites with detailed analytics, so is really cool and you see what is really working and what doesn’t work, so you can scale your business. 

Safe & secure 30-day money back guarantee