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 drive sales, leads and awareness

Digital Marketing is the set of strategies to create awareness, engagement to increase leads and sales. In fact, the power of digital marketing is to have targeted traffic to build engagement and trust with new potential customers by presenting the right offers at the right time. This is why is really important to create a Digital Advertising Plan and also a Social Media Strategy to engage and build relationships, giving value to your followers.

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ads that target the right people in the right places and growth your business

Ads That Target the Right People in the Right Places and Growth Your Business

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a form of online advertising where businesses pay to appear at the top of search engine results for relevant keywords potential customers search for. The advert’s position is determined through a bidding system, where the highest bidder gets the highest position. A key benefit of this technique is that your campaign is targeted directly to people who have shown interest in your specific product or service by searching for a keyword that you have specified as part of the campaign. Also, advertisers only pay when a person clicks on their ad, making PPC an effective way of appearing in front of customers actively looking for a business like yours. La Soluzione Web specialises in smartly targeted Google AdWords campaigns that are cost-effective and improve your online return on investment.

Facebook with its 2.7 billion users and much-discussed mountains of user data, Facebook’s ad platform has continued to be a top marketing priority for many high-growth businesses looking to scale their online sales. Whether it’s finding new advertising targets using Facebook’s sophisticated lookalike algorithms or understanding the most engaged audiences through the reported insights, Facebook has earned its status as a rapid-growth and highly trackable platform. Facebook ads can be an extremely effective digital marketing tool to help you grow your business, so if you need measurable results from Facebook ads campaigns, contact me today.

Instagram Ads can be one of the best types of PPC Advertising Depending on your marketing goals, I’ll use Instagram Ads to drive traffic to your social channels or website and I  can level up your brand visibility, increase engagement with your content, drive sales, and boosting your revenue. People don’t go to Instagram for text (no matter how compelling); they scroll for photos and visual content. That’s what they engage with — so we design creative ads that stand out, capture attention and increase engagement with your content.

the digital solutions for your business

the digital solutions for your business

Web Design

If you need a website from scratch or you want to re-design your website, I will build a professional website according to your requirements. The website will load fast, rank on Google with the right keywords, will engage visitors and help you to grow your business.

eCommerce Websites

Your eCommerce to be successful must convert visitors into customers and getting as many sales as possible at a lower marketing cost. Take your shop to the next level and increase your revenue with some simple strategies and right tools.


You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if no one finds you on Google, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Setting the right keywords is essential to rank higher in Google search results and consequently increase your website traffic and sales.

Sales Funnel

Having a normal website today is not enough, the website needs to be built for conversion, to collect leads and generate sales. Or your website is dead! So, having a sales funnel is the best way to increase your revenue and build your online authority.

Membership Site

Leverage your knowledge and become a known online expert. If you know a lot about what you do, then you have a lot of knowledge that you can pass onto other people, and you can pack your membership full of relevant content and become an online authority of your passionate niche.

Affiliate Program

Boost your revenue with your Affiliate Program! Starting your affiliate marketing program is undoubtedly a cost-efficient way to generate traffic and multiply sales. One of the greatest benefits of starting your own program is that you avoid the third-party fees associated with outside affiliate networks.

Special Services

Depending on your website needs, you definitely need website maintenance service or just some special widgets or plugins to run successfully your website. For example, you might need widgets like Social Feeds, Social Media Reviews, Social Chat Widgets or other services.

Digital Marketing

Grow your online business with a Digital Marketing package, is essential to get more traffic, generate leads and more sales and build your authority and brand online. There are different strategics including an organic social media marketing, targeted articles, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.


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Digital Marketing

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HELLO! My name is Chris I am a web designer who takes care of your website so you can focus on your business.

I make all types of websites, brochure websites, eCommerce Websites, booking & reservation websites, blog websites, portfolio websites or any other custom website for your business or your personal needs.
If you need a website from scratch or you need to re-design your website, I will build a professional website according to your requirements.

The website will load fast, rank on Google with the right keywords, will engage visitors and help you generate more sales to grow your business.  All the websites that I build are mobile and tablet friendly, and SEO friendly to reach the right visitors and your potential customers.  In addition, I will also take care of the security of your website, to protect your site from any malware attacks, spam, and any vulnerability.


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