Christian Morano

Christian Morano


I am a freelance web designer and I offer a wide variety of website design with the passion and knowledge of affiliate marketing, email marketing, and social media management.
I am specialized using WordPress, Shopify, Wix and Leadpages.
Also, I am passionate about personal growth, purpose, motivations, coaching and I am a born again Christian.
For your business, I want to help you to build your website,  your e-commerce and your membership area where you can sell online courses.
My goal is to create an experience for your readers and customers, and help you to convert the visitator in customer.
I can help you to make your Customer Value Journey and build your online store with the E-commerce ecosystem to improve your store, so you can make more money.
I can run a Facebook and Google Ads for your business and target your ideal client.
I have obtained a certification through DigitalMarketer in Customer Value Optimization, Direct-Response Copywriting, Ecommerce Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Social Media Specialist and in Email Marketing Mastery.


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