Thrivecart Review

ThriveCart is a very simple and intuitive software that allows you to create checkout pages, up-sells, down-sells and bump offer, so you can generate more sales. Also, you can use the power of affiliate marketing, and let other people sell your products.

ThriveCart was created by Josh Barlett in the year 2015 and now, is the number one shopping cart software internationally, both for its functionality and for its continuous updates.

ThriveCart supports almost all types of online payment and can be integrated with all the best marketing tools present in the market. 

Thrivecart is for you…


If you sell digital products such as online courses, ebooks, software ...


If you sell all kinds of products. (physicals too)


If you offer online services such as consultancy, monthly and annual memberships.


If you want to multiply your sales through affiliate marketing


If You want to create a sales funnel with Bump Offer, Up-sell and Down-sell.


If You want save money and online FEE for every sale you get.


If You want to collaborate with other marketers and split your earnings. (automatically)


If you want to calculate VAT, digital taxes, and shipping costs automatically.


If you want Integrate your checkout pages with your autoresponder and other online tools.

1. Customize your Checkout page


You can customize the look of the checkout pages with a greater chance of conversion and sales. The pages are optimized for both mobile, tablet and desktop. And you can add some testimonials as well to release trust and reliability about your product.

2. Add Bump Offer, Up-sell and Down-sell


With ThriveCart you can add offers in one click, to generate more profit through Bump Offer, Up-Sells and Down-Sells, also you can connect another page not connected directly to ThriveCart.

3. Test A/B & Clona i tuoi checkout


Testing your offers nowadays is essential to obtain a greater number of conversions, and to be able to maximize the possibility of obtaining more sales. You can create two different layouts with different testimonials, and upsells and automatically ThriveCart will automatically rotate the two checkout pages. After the established test period, the page with the most conversions will be automatically chosen and used.


4. Create Webhooks


By creating a Webhooks you can simply send information based on certain specific actions done on the checkout page.


5. Generate Auto Follow Up Email


Based on the customer’s actions, you can automatically send him an email whether he buys your product or abandons the checkout.

6. Management all your affiliates


With ThiveCart you have the total control of your affiliates and commissions. You can decide how and when your affiliate will receive the commissions. It can be fixed or a percentage and you can add or remove upsells from commissions and also you can remove a commission from an affiliate if violate your policies. You can automatically or manually accept the registrations of your affiliates.

You can also add a link where the affiliate can access promotional materials for your products and you can also decide the duration of the cookies!


7. Connect your Autoresponder


You can integrate your Checkout with most autoresponders for both your customers and your affiliates, creating different rules of behavior and adding different TAGs.

8. Thrivecart can be integrated with most Membership software.



In addition to the integration of most membership plugins, ThriveCart also allows integration with other platforms for selling physical products such as Shopify, Printful and many more …

9. Calculate Taxes and VAT



With ThriveCart you can automatically calculate taxes and also choose the %, including and excluding different countries.

10. Coupons & Offers


With ThriveCart you can generate coupons, discounts and even create offer checkout pages, automatically applying the discount code at the checkout.

11. Customer Hub


Your customers will be able to update their payment details, address and even check their membership, or find the products they have bought. You will have full control of this private area and you can remove or add permissions to your customers.

12. With ThriveCart you can use Stripe, Paypal, Authorize, Apple Pay and Google Pay


In a very simple way, you can connect your favourite payment processor like Stripe, Authorize.net, Paypal and accept payments through Apple and Google Pay.


13. Offer monthly, yearly subscriptions with free or low cost trials.



With ThriveCart you can give the possibility to try your services, through a free or low-cost trial. Also, you can split the price of the service or product with a monthly or annual subscription. You can also easily analyze all sales, refunds and even all subscriptions.

Furthermore, ThriveCart complies with the GDPR regulations, has excellent support, through the Ticket support and also through the private Facebook group. ThriveCart is constantly updated and the team is open to receiving new requests for integrations.