Affiliate Program

Boost Sales with your Affiliate Marketing program

Promote your products or services and boost your sales with an affiliate program
Starting your affiliate marketing program is undoubtedly a cost-efficient way to generate traffic and multiply sales. One of the greatest benefits of starting your own program is that you avoid the third-party fees associated with outside affiliate networks. It doesn’t matter if you sell one or more products/services, using WordPress and WooCommerce, I can install a special plugin in which you can start your affiliate program and generate more revenue, with no commissions and have unlimited affiliates. Furthermore, the affiliate registrations are set to pending until they’re approved by an admin, ensuring only high-quality affiliates or can be set with automatic approval. Also, to reward some affiliates, you can create special affiliate groups and set different commission rates – depending on their success and sales.

Percentage or a flat commission
Refund Grace Period
Affiliate groups
Subscription Renewal Commissions
Simple affiliate registrations
Coupon Tracking
Simple commission rate settings
Commission paid manually or automatically
No monthly fees